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Contract Packaging
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Starting a company to launch your own liquor product for resale?

Highwood Distillers can produce almost any type of liquor based product you want.

We offer: Sizes from 50ml – 3 liter • Rye, rum, vodka based liquor products • Any flavor, any proof

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Register a company in your name.

Taxes - Every Province, State, and Federal Governments want their taxes. If you are exporting out of Canada there are no taxes to be paid to us, or any Canadian level of government. All the taxes will be owing and collected by the government where the goods will be sold. Taxes collected by the 2 levels of government in Canada are the same for the federal portion and each Province has its’ own different taxes. These taxes are influenced by the liquor type, proof, size and category. These taxes in Canada make up about 80% of the final selling price.

Warehousing - Once the product leaves our warehouse it has to be shipped to a licensed, bonded warehouse of final destination. Shipping to warehouses owned by the Provincial Governments you get paid for your product within terms. In Alberta where the government does not own the warehouse, you receive payment 1 week following the sale to a customer. In Alberta you also have to pay for shipping to and the warehouse storage & receiving fees. Product remaining in our Highwood warehouse will have a storage fee invoiced to you. 

Production - Highwood Distillers will complete your project from start to finish and can quote you for the complete package including the liquid, bottle, cap, capsule, label, outer case, & inner case divider. The other option is, Highwood Distillers will only add the liquid to your package and you supply all the other materials mentioned above, or any combination of above. All labels for products offered for sale in Canada must meet Federal label regulation determined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requirements. (

Contract - Highwood Distillers will enter into conversations regarding your project once your company is registered and you have decided on the product including liquid, bottle, paper or painted label, closure type, capsule type, outer case size and markings.


Once all those packaging decisions are made you will need to determine liquor style. Options are spirits, liqueurs, pre-mixes, or ready to serves. We can make all of these with different alcohol bases. There are varying qualities of each alcohol base and this will determine our price quote. Our rye whiskies are aged between 3 - 25 years, our vodkas are filtered between 3 - 5 times, our imported rums are white or amber aged, our liqueurs are natural or artificial flavors and are all priced differently.


Start-up charge - In order for Highwood to discuss these packaging options, production & marketing guidance, produce samples of varieties wanted, supply samples, organize raw materials, including ordering, receiving, & warehouse we charge a startup fee. 

Marketing - Highwood Distillers has a complete selling force across Canada calling on both stores and licensed establishments. Once your product is ready for sale you can use Highwood’s sales representatives on a commission basis based on your selling revenue. You will still be responsible for shipping, warehousing, and marketing. There will be initial incremental costs for samples for presentations to liquor boards and the presentation sell sheets. 

Sales in Canadian Liquor Boards - You have to register in each Province individually in order to present and then sell products in their jurisdictions. 



Qualifications - To qualify for registration as a supplier, you must be of good character, be capable of providing quality and suitable products and demonstrate financial responsibility. When determining whether a business is qualified, consideration is given in the business itself, its key people and other businesses and individuals that have direct contact with the business applying for registration. 


A business and/or its key people must be financially stable with a history of financial solvency; be capable of providing supplies and services and demonstrate a level of skill, experience, knowledge and ability necessary to supply the supplies and services; be in compliance with provincial and federal tax laws; and, be of legal age to transact business in the gaming industry. Supplier applications and Personal Disclosure forms must be completed. The supplier application will ask specific questions related to the business and the officers and directors of that business. You will need to submit personal and corporate financial information and other information describing your business.


How long to receive registration? - The length of time needed to investigate a business will depend on the size of the business, the location of the offices, and the product and/or services offered and the number of its key people. An average investigation can take up to 90 days. 

How much does it cost to register as a supplier? - The fee to register as a supplier is different in each province, determined by the Liquor Authority. 

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