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Ready to Serve

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These single serve, tamper evident shots were created so you

don't have to pour (and spill) hundreds of shots a night.

A profitable addition for your licensed establishment, or a fun drink to have on your home bar.

 With 17 flavours to choose from, chances are there’s a favourite in the bunch for everyone.

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BULLETS (Shooters in 1 oz cups)

Introducing the perfect party drink! Pre-poured, pre-measured, tamper proof 1 oz. shooters – that means no more spillage or waste. They’re available in lots of new flavours and delicious old classics with more on the way. All our Bullets are 28.4 ml each and 16% alc./vol., unless noted otherwise.

28.4ml - 106 pack plastic

28.4ml - 106 pack plastic

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