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Cask Ownership

Consider investing in premium whiskey casks with the exclusive assistance of Whiskey & Wealth Club. They specialize in providing access to the global market for cask whiskey. Make a purchase for a cask today and use it to hold, sell, or bottle under your own brand.

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Welcome to the rarefied world of wholesale premium cask whisky investment. Once accessible only to industry insiders, this exclusive opportunity to invest in whisky casks is now open to private clients exclusively through Whiskey & Wealth Club. As specialized cask whiskey wholesalers, Whiskey & Wealth Club can offer you the opportunity to tap into the global whiskey investment market. Purchase a cask of your own to hold, sell, or bottle under your own marque today.

90 Twenty Year Old

Highwood, the most recent gold winner at the Canadian Whisky Awards, has granted Whisky Wealth Club exclusive access to new make casks, destined to produce an award-winning spirit.

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