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Highwood Distillers is one of Canada’s few privately owned, original craft distillers.

The company produces a complete portfolio of fine spirits, pre-mixes and liqueurs for sale in Canada, the U.S., and overseas. Highwood Distillers has ageing whisky storage for over 15,000 barrels.

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Highwood Distillers, now over 46 years old, is family owned, operated, and remains the largest independent distillers in Canada.


The distillery was founded in 1974 and originally operated under the name ‘Sunnyvale’. In 1984, it was renamed ‘Highwood Distillers’ after the famous river and region that surrounds the distillery in the foothills of Western Canada’s beautiful Rocky Mountains. Until 1997, both the distillery and sales offices were located at the distillery in High River, Alberta. Today, the sales team operates out of Calgary, Alberta while the distillery continues to thrive and grow in High River.

In 2022 Highwood was purchased by Caldera Distilling Inc. and remains today a family owned enterprise and Canada's largest independent distiller.


In November 2005, Highwood Distillers purchased Potter’s Distillers, British Columbia’s only distillery, and expanded its product portfolio with over a dozen established brands.


Ernie Potter founded the Potter’s Distillery back in 1958, which originally only bottled and sold liqueurs, but over the years expanded into spirits. In 1962, Captain Harold John Cameron Terry (Captain Terry) – who started his career at 14 as an Australian seaman – acquired Potter’s Distillers. He took the company public in 1967 and was its CEO for 20 years. In 1990, production was moved from Langley to Kelowna, British Columbia where it remained until 2006.

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